Suddenly stopping steroids

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So my purse was stolen two yesterday and my adderals were in it. I take 60mg a day of the xr’s. My face is shaking and its to the point that people can notice…i find my hunger more intense and i am forgeting a lot more than i wouldve before i took this medicine. I am also very adgitaded and cannot focus at all. I cannot focus on my daily job. This is a horrible feeling. I feel lost and so overly tired and lazy. Dont wish this experience on anyone!!! Hope that my doctor calls me soon so that i can get my meds back. I cant continue to feel this way for too much longer.

I have a 2007 Jeep Patriot and the same thing happened to me recently. I took it to my Mechanic and he confirmed the gas fumes are not venting during the fill up. Cars today have a closed venting system to prevent the fumes from escaping into the atmosphere. Another EPA Mandate to complicate things I guess. Its suppose to collect the fumes, convert it to fuel and burn it off. My Mech troubleshooted it for over an hour, but could not fine the cause. He removed the vent lines between the tank and the collection chamber under the hood, checked the collection chamber, checked the filler tube and found them all to be clear and open. In the end, he felt the issue was coming from s part of gas tank that's not accessible or repairable (Thanks Jeep!) He suggested I take it to Jeep and have them look at it. I decided to suffer with the 20 minute fill-ups, not wanting to spend $1200 on a new gas tank just yet. Tough going when its freezing cold out. That's when I discovered the unconventional, slightly dangerous alternate fix. If I leave the truck running when I pump the gas, she takes it all in like champ! Hey, whats life without a little danger? Filling up this way can trigger the check engine light, but I can reset that. I will share my discovery with my mechanic to see if the new info changes his original assessment. If the diagnose is still replace the tank, I will do the "leave it running" fix for now and do a mini vacay with the $1200 saved. Bob M

Suddenly stopping steroids

suddenly stopping steroids


suddenly stopping steroidssuddenly stopping steroidssuddenly stopping steroidssuddenly stopping steroidssuddenly stopping steroids