Steroidal inhalers

Combination inhalers :   Ah, a rare leader  at the top.  The combination of Flovent and Serevent in one inhaler called Advair , and Formoterol and Pulmicort in another called Symbicort , creates a lineup like no other in the history of asthma medicine.    Too many people are scared away from these meds because of FDA warnings and poor education.   Yet I contend, and so does every study I’ve seen, that these combination inhalers greatly improve asthma control in most asthmatics that use them.    If you have poorly controlled asthma, this team may be a big hit for you too.

Anti-epileptic medication (AED)
How do AEDs work?
Which drug is right for me?
Getting the dosage right
What about side effects?
Women and anti-epileptic medication
Emergency drug treatment
Missed doses
Stopping anti-epileptic medication
Vagus/Vagal Nerve Stimulation (VNS)
Ketogenic diet
Complementary therapies
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Steroidal inhalers

steroidal inhalers


steroidal inhalerssteroidal inhalerssteroidal inhalerssteroidal inhalerssteroidal inhalers