Steroid suzie is ready to party

The problem is big Pharma and stupid doctors. The veterinaries are much smarter. Big Pharma often has a veterinary branch generally under another name. When a new molecule is found it is given to cattle and also vegetables. Permethrin is in your letuce and cattle. Ivermectin is used in cattle since 1985. So, when finally is available for human usage we have absorbed very small amounts and such medicines are useless or less efective.
Permethin is useless for scabies except in the very early stages. Ivermectin, so far is effective in humans. Not allowed in the European Union. Very soon polititians will get scabies, some are seen in tv scratching their heads.

The procedure is performed in an operating room , usually under local anesthetic. However, some ophthalmologists give patients only a topical anesthetic. A trabeculectomy involves removing a tiny piece of the eye-ball, During a trabeculectomy, the patient's eye is held open with a speculum. The outer layer, or conjunctiva, and the white of the eye, or sclera, are cut open (A). A superficial scleral flap is created and a plug of sclera and underlying trabecular network is removed (B). This allows the fluid in the eye to circulate, relieving pressure. The scleral flap is closed and sutured (C). The conjunctiva is closed (D). ( Illustration by GGS Inc. ) where the cornea connects to the sclera, to create a flap that allows fluid to escape the anterior chamber without deflating the eye. The area is called the trabeculum. After the procedure, fluid can flow out onto the eye's surface, where it is absorbed by the conjunctiva, the transparent membrane that lines the sclera and the eyelids.

January 9, 2009 – Early in the morning, I go to Emory Johns Creek Hospital to get the CT scan.  It is uneventful, as radiology appointments typically are, and I go home.  We are having a houseful of people that night for a neighborhood party and there is a lot to do.  Two hours later, a nurse calls from Dr. Gupta’s office and says he would like me to come in as soon as possible so he can discuss the CT results with me.  I am annoyed by this, but still mindful that if a doctor wants to talk “right away,” then I should probably go.

Steroid suzie is ready to party

steroid suzie is ready to party