Steroid injection scar removal

What is cortisone?
It is a hormone produced by a small gland on top of the kidney called the adrenal gland. It is essential to the proper functioning of your body, particularly when under stress. Its absence is known as Addison's Disease, which without treatment is fatal. Cortisone is a normal body product therefore; there are no allergic reactions. In cases of people with severe allergies, it is one of our most effective treatment tools. Cortisone by itself is rarely used today as it is relatively short acting and of low potency. Semi-artificial cortisone derivatives, such as DepoMedrol, Celestone, Kenalog, and a number of others, are used with increased benefits and fewer side effects.

I used to self harm and on my right thigh, there are quite a few big, deep scars. It has been about a year, give or take from when i did them. They have healed and is no longer red or scab up or anything and I was wondering if it was possible to tattoo over it and if it is, would the scars make the tattoo look deformed or give the tattoo a warped kind of look?
I want a thigh piece to cover it up, mainly because I want to be able to go out wearing something other than jeans or basketball shorts without having people stare and ask about my leg. But i just wanted to know if getting a tattoo piece over it would be a good idea or not?

Steroid injection scar removal

steroid injection scar removal


steroid injection scar removalsteroid injection scar removalsteroid injection scar removalsteroid injection scar removalsteroid injection scar removal