Steroid chinese

Yesterday morning while still dark and waiting in my car for a friend, a hovering type moth flew into my car while parked (window open some), and it hovered in front of my face staring at me for a split second. As I reacted to brush it away the moth pooped on my hand! I opened all the car windows so it could get out ok.
Later that morning I found out a dear uncle had passed away the same time I saw that moth, around 7am.
I don’t know if it was a deathshead moth, it was too dark and quick. But it was a hovering type moth anyway.

The early steps in the biosynthesis of steroids of both plants and animals are the same, except that in plants lanosterol is replaced by the related compound cycloartenol, which contains a three-membered ring (C9, C10, C19) in lieu of the nuclear double bond of lanosterol. The side chains of the phytosterols, such as stigmasterol, and of the sterol ergosterol of yeasts and other fungi contain extra carbon atoms that are incorporated in reactions involving S -adenosylmethionine, which donates methyl groups in numerous biological processes. Although most plant tissues contain only traces of cholesterol, this sterol is the biogenetic precursor of such important plant steroids as the sapogenins , glycosides , and alkaloids . Because pregnane derivatives are intermediates in some of these transformations, plants and animals appear to have important features of steroid metabolism in common.

Lichen planus (LP) manifests with purplish or brownish bumps, covered in fine whitish scales. The cause is unknown, but stress, hepatitis C infection, pharmaceutical drug reactions, and autoimmunity are all implicated. The bumps usually appear on the insides of the arm, but can also show up as whitish ulcers and erosions in the mouth. In fact, it can vary considerably from its textbook presentation, with a bewildering array of exceptional manifestations. Conditions such as this one really bring home the advantage of having access to another diagnostic system, such as TCM, when no clear “cause” is found in the conventional system and the symptomatology is so varied. In such cases, I allow  the old TCM adage, “treat what you see,” to guide me. This allows me to be nimble and adapt to the case at hand, not to preconceived notions or generalities.

Steroid chinese

steroid chinese


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