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Hi Theresa! I most definitely think you should continue the salt flush for seven days, especially since you’ve had chronic constipation. Afterwards, continue with the recommended schedule listed in this post. You may also want to try adding coffee enemas to your routine (1-2 weeks) http:///coffee-enema/ . As far as your daughter, I think it is fine to give her the flush every few days if she’s constipated, and it’s most likely true that she’s dealing with candida issues as well. I would take her off the kefir for a week or so to see if that may be contributing. Although, the dairy is fermented she may not have efficient enzyme production to break down the milk protein.

The choline pathway is actually enriched with DHA, which of course also plays a prominent role in brain development. One analysis found that a higher choline intake (930 compared with 480 mg/d) augmented the rise in choline/DHA in nonpregnant women and choline needs are increased during the third trimester of pregnancy. The researchers found that a higher choline intake along with supplementary DHA acted synergistically to produce the greatest enrichment of choline and DHA in red blood cells. This is a major find for mental health. 

Of course, though it should go without saying, I don’t want you to remove your IUD and get pregnant. So if you decided to have it removed, you should do so based upon your own research and your individual health and situation. Most all doctors think IUDs are perfectly safe, and even a newer “improved” version of the IUD may soon be available, an IUB – intrauterine ball. Alternative forms of contraception should be used and your cycle could take some time to normalize once you removed your IUD; it’s impossible to say how long or what the scenario is for each woman. I’ve also seen some women remove their IUD and not experience noticeable relief immediately because of the way it was impacting their body for so long. It’s almost like if a circuit was tripped in the body, much like a circuit breaker in a fuse box providing power to your house. Even once the power is back on, the circuit stays off until someone goes and resets it. This can be the case for some women and can often be corrected through various body therapies, (ie: deep tissue release, acupuncture, chiropractic). In the case of hormonal imbalances caused by Mirena or copper toxicity or mineral imbalance problems caused by Paraguard, some hormonal, nutritional, or visceral (organ) therapies may be warranted.

Psc meds steroids

psc meds steroids


psc meds steroidspsc meds steroidspsc meds steroidspsc meds steroidspsc meds steroids