Non steroid mr universe

The sad thing is that Bodybuilding originally was a natural sport with no steroids to build your body, without enhancement ,that is the key today bodybuilders are doing so much steroids to pump them selves up and look like monsters that they are idol was Steve Reeves he was the man all natural mr. universe 1959 never use steroids and also was against using them that was real bodybuilding. But I guess today fans want to see bigger and bette it’s sad, and so many have died using them. I want to see these guys what they would look like natural, I know I got off the issue of which is better but I guess it’s all about the money.

After a 27-year career Robinson retired from professional bodybuilding at the age 55 but has remained active in various ways, including as a personal trainer , lifestyle and bodybuilding coach, athlete, artist, and actor, promoting bodybuilding and longevity through proper training, nutrition and healthy habits. As a published author and writer, Robinson's book tells the story of how Robby Robinson overcame the limitations of his time to become one of the greatest bodybuilders the world has known; and legend in the sport of bodybuilding. His book can be found at major retailers such as Barnes and Noble , Google Play Books and . [5] [6] [7] Since his retirement in 2001, Robby has opposed steroid use in bodybuilding, saying that "it's taking away from the beauty of bodybuilding, the artistry of it." [8] In 2016, aged 70, Robinson continued to make guest posing appearances and maintains a very well developed physique.

Non steroid mr universe

non steroid mr universe


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