No bullshit bodybuilding steroids

I honestly find the Mike O’Hearn story quite sad. He’s achieved an incredible physique and pioneered modern aesthetics. He’s achieved a vast amount in the industry and we should all be looking up to him – natty or not – in awe, and looking to his methods for our own personal growth. For years his physique has been one of the greatest on the planet. But because of his incessant refusal to admit what we ALL know, every lifter on earth sits here bashing him for being a hypocrite. He’s done a thousand good things for the industry but sticks by 1 big bad lie, and that ruined him in the eyes of his peers. But he’d never have had the success and endorsements he’s had if he admitted, so… it continues.

Christine , Im in this world of Gym training 16 years. I can say in my own visión of this sport, that is not a questión about divisións to compete…is about to have your body, and if youre a male, you want looks big and ripped…its no way…every guy in the world of this sport want that inside himself…is not about divissions, not about compete, it is about to have that fucking freak body, staying in 95 fucking kg of puré muscle, in a close 4% or bf…and looks round and massive like a marvel súper héro…that is the thing…you complety CANT do it without “enhancement”…to have a great female body without enancement yes it is posible…for that, its good remember that when a woman talks about to make a body….cause is very diferent for a guy…

Fact is Phil has damage the sport with his personality he doesn’t belong there! Its funny when I went to Arnold this year and Kia line is wrapped around the building with a 4hr wait to see him and Phil booth u can walk right up to because there not one person in line! He knows he a Asshole I think the bitch needs his ass whoop! He is so FAKE!!! And everyone knows including Phil that Kia should of won 3 years ago and it will haunt Phil to the day he dies it will be brought up the rest of his life! He’s salty!!! Kias the people’s champ!

No bullshit bodybuilding steroids

no bullshit bodybuilding steroids


no bullshit bodybuilding steroidsno bullshit bodybuilding steroidsno bullshit bodybuilding steroidsno bullshit bodybuilding steroidsno bullshit bodybuilding steroids