Listeroid diesel engine

Eco Diesel Solutions Canada is more than just about diesel engines. We have greatly expanded the product lines available to our customers. We now offer many high quality Brand name products to those customers that require or seek renewable energy products. These product lines we offer will provide you with reliable off grid power for your home, cabin or business. We can also offer grid tie solutions which will provide both back up power and utility bill reduction . By offering incredible products from reputable companies such such as Outback and SMA/Sunny Boy inverter systems, Surrette storage batteries, REC  solar, Northern lights generators,  just to name a few, Eco Diesel Solutions Canada is a one stop shop for our customers and their off grid power requirements.  

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One example.. is that lawn mower you hear in the neighborhood, it can no longer run at a proper constant speed, and you see a puff of smoke every time it screams and then attempts to die,.. over and over.. The Owner has no way of adjusting it because the all knowing and all caring EPA demanded that adjustments be removed! The fuel so bad that it’s coated the main jet, and no way of cleaning it.. The owner pissed off, how did his new mower go to hell so quickly? And yes, he’ll run it till it blows up before he buys another piece of junk mandated by the EPA.

Listeroid diesel engine

listeroid diesel engine


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