Itchy anus steroid cream

My aged 4 child has had seriously itchy anus for over a week now. About a week ago I treated the whole family with ovex in case it was worms, but it made no difference. I used Vaseline because the area was red and even bleeding like a graze. You could be forgiven for thinking he has been wiping with too much force but I don't think it is that envisage he's been wiping his own bum for nearly 2 years without any problem now.

I took him to the GP who prescribed a twice daily cream with steroid and anti-fungal properties. We've used it for a few days now and still get intense itching episodes, sometimes after a bowel movement and sometimes during a meal or some other random time.

Has anyone come across this before? I don't know what to do with the poor child!

Itchy anus steroid cream

itchy anus steroid cream


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