Hashimoto's encephalopathy steroid treatment

I just read a transcript of an interview with Dr. K. Everything makes complete sense – like that old Aretha Franklin song – he was singing my life with his words! I have been diagnosed with Hashi and the endo told me that I have it and there’s nothing that can be done, so I should not bother her anymore. She said she had patients with more serious issues such as cancer, and doesn’t have time for me. (Can you believe that?? Yes, that’s exactly how she said it!) So, like so many Hashi people, I’m doing my own research. I have a couple of questions though, if anyone can shed some light . Does going dairy free mean no eggs also? 2 Does no sugar include honey and maple syrup? (Based on Dr. K’s info, I also have high blood sugar.) I have some recipes that call for a spoonful of honey, etc to be added to a large batch – it’s not like I’m pouring it on my food. Any help? Thanks!

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What your doctor hasn’t told you about hypothyroidism, and what you need to know

  • For 90% of Americans, hypothyroidism is caused by Hashimoto’s, an autoimmune thyroid disease
  • Thyroid replacements–Synthroid, Armour, Cytomel–may normalize TSH, but they do not manage the autoimmune disease symptoms
  • You should avoid gluten strictly—studies link gluten intolerance with Hashimoto’s
  • Pituitary function plays a role in underactive thyroid symptoms
  • Adrenal function plays a role in underactive thyroid symptoms
  • Thyroid hormone resistance, underconversion to T3, overconversion to T3, and other metabolic factors drive hypothyroidism symptoms
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In addition to gluten sensitivity, you may also be sensitive to other proteins including grains, such as: rice, quinoa, and corn. Other people may also react badly to dairy and eggs. It’s always worth going completely free of any of these for 3+ months to check if you do indeed have a sensitivity to them. Soy and goitrogens  are also big ones for having thyroid inhibiting effects. See if you notice any difference or any symptoms after consuming them. It could be hours or a day later, but does it make you feel extra tired or give you acid reflux? Keep a food diary and try an elimination diet.

Hashimoto's encephalopathy steroid treatment

hashimoto's encephalopathy steroid treatment


hashimoto's encephalopathy steroid treatmenthashimoto's encephalopathy steroid treatmenthashimoto's encephalopathy steroid treatmenthashimoto's encephalopathy steroid treatmenthashimoto's encephalopathy steroid treatment