Corticosteroids asthma treatment

In our view as there are studies showing minimal side effects of inhaled corticosteroids which are better than oral corticosteroids in treatment of acute moderate to severe asthma. However, Inhaled medications are only effective if they are used precisely. Inhaled corticosteroids show improved clinical control and better airway responsiveness
Adherence to daily inhaled corticosteroid therapy is most important in control of asthma.
As asthma is not a curable disease but using good hygienic practices and creating awareness with appropriate controlling measures, child with asthma minimize the complications and hospitalizations.

The functions of assessment and monitoring are closely linked to the concepts of severity, control, and responsiveness to treatment:

Severity: the intrinsic intensity of the disease process. Severity is most easily and directly measured in a patient who is not receiving long-term control therapy. Severity can also be measured, once asthma control is achieved, by the step of care (., the amount of medication) required to maintain control.

Control: the degree to which the manifestations of asthma are minimized by therapeutic intervention and the goals of therapy are met.

Responsiveness: the ease with which asthma control is achieved by therapy.

Corticosteroids play an important adjunctive role in the management of patients with brain metastases ( Selker 1983 ). The first study examining the role of corticosteroids in the palliation of patients with brain metastases was published by Kofman and coworkers (1957) . Although survival cannot be significantly extended by the use of corticosteroids alone, they play an important part in reducing the often debilitating symptoms of brain metastasis. Consequently, patients should receive corticosteroid treatment only if their lesions are symptomatic. Asymptomatic lesions identified during ‘screening’ probably do not require steroid treatment. Corticosteroids are usually prescribed as the synthetics dexamethasone or Solu-Medrol. Some reports have indicated that corticosteroids may have a direct oncolytic effect on certain brain tumors, although this is controversial ( Koehler 1995 ).

Corticosteroids asthma treatment

corticosteroids asthma treatment


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