Chestbrah off steroids

Maybe I’m just from a different generation but watching that youtube video had me laughing so hard at that “Jyzz” guy or whatever he calls himself. Having never been acquainted with him or any of his videos, I kept wondering if this was a parody of the *real* Zyzz. But no, evidently that sad fella is the real deal. Firstly, working out is great and all, but there is something called balance, and that body of his was just too much. It’s all an external shell covering up an empty inside. Any woman of quality will see through that a mile away. Secondly, men who are not complete idiots don’t say “Brah” every four seconds. Just my two cents, take it for what it’s worth.

This is 100% my opinion, but it is based on evidence. Zyzz died in a sauna from a heart attack... what are the main reasons why you would be in a sauna? #1 Answer for me is to lose water weight. Now Zyzz ran a crazy cycle what I've heard is Deca/Test all year round with some Tren/Test and clen. Now clen can cause a heart attack, but I do not think it was clen. Based on Zyzz's latest pictures before his death, he looked very dry... like freakishly dry, so dry he looked small almost, like a skinny ripped kid with some muscle... My best guess is Zyzz started getting caught up with Diuretics and since he probably loved the way he looked on them (like all the other sh!t he took), he never came off/cycled off them. Common issue with people who abuse Diuretics is cardiac arrest. This is just based on latest pictures and a heart related death. Some people say it was cocaine, but who tf sits in a sauna after they snort a line??? Maybe it was clen?? But then again he was on clen for awhile, so he should know the effects on his body. Diuretics? Something new that made him look cut and freakishly ripped, but is probably one of the most dangerous supplements to take and he didn't understand that it will probably kill him if he keeps taking.... I think yes

Chestbrah off steroids

chestbrah off steroids


chestbrah off steroidschestbrah off steroidschestbrah off steroidschestbrah off steroidschestbrah off steroids