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Like the threads in this discussion, but let me throw out something completely radical. We need to stop arguing about performance enhancing and stop talking about the health of the athlete. The future of sport science (both surgical and genetics) will make this argument by today's standards seem quaint. I've worked in the sport field with pros and amateurs for 25 years, I've known athletes who had drug tests ruin their lives, some for ridiculous levels of a substance. So long as WADA (and now major Pro Leagues) are heck bent on stopping performance enhancing then all athletes' accomplishments will be routinely judged as cheating. That is having an effect ten times worse than illegal drugs in teens.

I write in more detail about this on my blog... http:///2009/02/this-isnt-about-performance-

Great discussion everyone, this is the only way change will take place.

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Armstrong suggested Betsy may have been confused by possible mention of his post-operative treatment, which included steroids and EPO that are taken to counteract the side effects of intensive chemotherapy . [32] The Andreus' allegation was not supported by the eight other people present, including Armstrong's doctor Craig Nichols, [33] or his medical history. According to LeMond, he had recorded a conversation, [34] transcribed for review by NPR , in which Armstrong's contact at Oaklety, Inc., Stephanie McIlvain, corroborated Betsy's account. However, McIlvain contradicted LeMond's allegations and denied under oath that the incident ever occurred. [31]

Buy performance enhancing drugs steroids

buy performance enhancing drugs steroids


buy performance enhancing drugs steroidsbuy performance enhancing drugs steroidsbuy performance enhancing drugs steroidsbuy performance enhancing drugs steroidsbuy performance enhancing drugs steroids