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DR. HALLE ZHANG is a Director and Project Leader at BioMed Valley Discoveries, where she leads the clinical development of Clostridium novyi-NT, a bacterial oncolytic therapy. Prior to joining BioMed Valley Discoveries, Zhang served as a Clinical Trial Lead within the Harvard Catalyst network. Her previous positions also include LAM Foundation Research Fellow at Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health and Research Scientist at Tufts University, where she examined cell signaling in cancer and metabolic diseases. Zhang is an RN with over ten years of clinical experience in medical, surgical, pediatric, and operating room settings. Zhang received a Master in Medical Sciences in immunology and a PhD in medicine from the University of Birmingham, UK.

Studies from areas of well established and poorly selective methods, such as UV-VIS spectrophotometry (including derivative and multi-wavelength measurements), basic electroanalytical (potentiometric, polarographic and voltammetric) methods, fluorimetry, flow-injection analysis, etc. are accepted for publication in exceptional cases only, if a unique and substantial advantage over presently known systems is demonstrated. The same applies to the assay of simple drug formulations by any kind of methods and the determination of drugs in biological samples based merely on spiked samples. Drug purity/stability studies should contain information on the structure elucidation of the impurities/degradants. Papers dealing with the analytical aspects of traditional folk medicines are acceptable if the results are expected to attract the interest of readers also outside the area of origin. Bioanalytical papers (pharmacokinetic, bioequivalence, protein and DNA binding studies) are accepted if the focus is on innovative analytical methodology.

Biomed pharmaceuticals steroids

biomed pharmaceuticals steroids


biomed pharmaceuticals steroidsbiomed pharmaceuticals steroidsbiomed pharmaceuticals steroidsbiomed pharmaceuticals steroidsbiomed pharmaceuticals steroids