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I didn’t really want to go into this story here, but I feel that I must in order to adequately explain myself. Once when I was in high school I was visiting a girl that I liked to have breakfast with her family. Prior to this breakfast her father had constantly made remarks about how little I ate in front of them. That was really because of my nervousness more than anything else, but I couldn’t say that. So I decided after his last comment that I was going to eat whatever he put in front of me. If he was going to ask if I wanted more, I was going to say yes. I was going to prove a point.

Daniel was helped into the silk frilly shirt by a smiling Mr. Wilson who noticed the boy desperately fighting to pout, he had seen it all before in the past year and seen many a little boy and not so little a boy soundly spanked or smacked to get them in to their new clothes. He had to admit, little Daniel really was an angel compared to most. He picked Daniel up under his arms and sat him on the counter then walking behind Daniel extracted a pair of long white silk socks, these had no patterns just plain white. Mr. Wilson proceeded to put them on the boy pulling them above his knees then a garter below the knee before turning down the top of the socks. Daniel really wanted to cry; silk stockings! Eeuuww. Mr. Wilson reached behind the boy picked up a jacket and this time Daniels felt tears running down his face. In Mr. Wilsons hands he held up a sky blue velvet jacket, it was very short and when Mr. Wilson helped Daniel into it the bottom of the jacket reach down to just his waist. Daniel realised that his whole bottom would be visible. George sat there seeing his little boy dressed in the most adorable clothes he had ever had the pleasure to see he saw the tears running down Daniels face and he too felt like crying, but from joy. Now Mr. Wilson took out the shorts, these too were made of sky blue velvet and as with all the other shorts Daniel had tried, extremely short. He stood Daniel up and helped him into the shorts then helped him into a pair a sky blue Mary Janes. Mr Wilson arranged the frilly ruffles of the shirt to hang over the blue velvet jacket with the frilly cuffs showing below cuff of the jacket then picking up the boy stood him in front of the mirror.

Bad daddy's bacon cheeseburger on steroids

bad daddy's bacon cheeseburger on steroids


bad daddy's bacon cheeseburger on steroidsbad daddy's bacon cheeseburger on steroidsbad daddy's bacon cheeseburger on steroidsbad daddy's bacon cheeseburger on steroidsbad daddy's bacon cheeseburger on steroids